Contemporary Sofa and Loveseat by JOQUER

1244 Contemporary Sofa and Loveset

Ramon Esteve, in collaboration with Joquer, is exhibiting a new meaning for comfort binded with elegancy called AND. AND is a collection of ergonomic sofas which are able to give you the relaxing feeling that you need after a long day of work while at the same time keeping the luxury look you want to add to your home. The collection is characterized by the contemporary designs, the comfort feeling and the flexibility of sofas positioning. The sofa frame is fabricated from wood padded with stress-resistant polyurethane foam. The seat base is made of high density polyurethane foam to provide maximum comfort. Back and lumbar cushions are also made up of polyurethane foam with a cover of Dacron fiber. Headrests joint to the sofa with magnets. All covers are completely removable. Metal was also used in the sofas as they occurred in glazed metal legs. AND sofas are available in different colors & sizes and you can built your own design according to your need; choose the chair lounge you want, their back height, add or drop the arm supporter & customize it according to your preference.

adn big sofa jaquer 1

adn big sofa jaquer 2

adn big sofa jaquer 3

adn big sofa jaquer 4

adn big sofa jaquer 5

adn big sofa jaquer 6

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