Contemporary Oak Home Office Interior Designs

Home Office Interior Design

This is a very nice design of a home office; this design satisfies all your needs in a home office; it’s practical, comfortable, elegant and contemporary. All furniture in this room is made of oak, and its modern design actually increases the beauty of oak and makes it look more contemporary. The design is based on the minimalist design which appears clearly in the usage of geometric shapes and sharp lines with no details. Contemporary furniture designs include this fabulous. The room consists of a stylish office in a simple rectangular shape with a removable high table next to it; the office size is quite comfortable and equipped by a drawers’ unit enough to accommodate all necessary office stuff. Behind the office; there is an elegant library in a simple modern design composed of 2 large cabinets and a unit of drawers in the center, it is also completed by a large shelf on top which completes its modern look in a chic way. There is another version of the library but in a much bigger size and a different design with the same modern style and an oak beautiful look. Next to the office there is a stylish bookcase divided into 18 squares to accommodate books, CDs, décor …etc. The advantage of this home office is that besides being practical and comfortable, it also combines between the minimalist style used in the shapes and the classic look of oak; this combination is creating a warm and elegant atmosphere in the room.

Home Office Interior Designs 1

Home Office Interior Designs 2

Home Office Interior Designs 3

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