Contemporary Kitchen Designs with Combined Dining Area

Because the pleasure of cooking and the pleasure of receiving guests often go hand in hand, including a dining area in the kitchen, whether it’s large or small, is a popular choice. Far away from the official dining parties where the housewife can’t come & go from the kitchen to the dining room, here it is about the friendly lifestyle and the comfortable atmosphere where we don’t leave the conversation with our guests: we continue to talk quietly while finishing the meals. If you are interested in this kind of modern designs, follow this post to see 5 outstanding models for kitchens with combined dining areas. If you are lucky enough to have a large kitchen, a table in the middle of it will not be too much, on the contrary! This idea is inspired by large family houses with only few steps separating the oven and stove to the big table. Fans of the big family meal know: there’s nothing more convenient than eating together in the kitchen. If you want a small dining area in the kitchen that does not clutter the space, think of small tables to set discreetly against the wall. In this case, it’s better to choose folding models, especially if your kitchen is small. This will allow you to remove your table visually when it’s not in use, and to set the place of the dinner in a second when friends arrive home. Another smart solution to create a dining area in the kitchen only in the days when we receive guests is to build a sliding table. It’s usually just a console covering part of the kitchen island, and when it’s time for dinner you have a comfortable place for 4 persons. In the same domain, we can also think of the kitchen island itself, if it’s large enough, to serve as a working place and a dining area at the same time. And if your kitchen is one of those American style ones with a big bar, don’t hesitate to serve dinner on the bar; get some high chairs and enjoy the meal with friends in a very welcoming ambience.

Contemporary Kitchen Designs 2

Contemporary Kitchen Designs 3

Contemporary Kitchen Designs 4

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