Contemporary Decorative Chandelier Designs

canopy chandelier

Chandeliers are a very important item that has to be considered while furnishing a home; it can add more beauty to a room or even change its whole look. For modern interiors, the Russian designer Vladimir Usoltsev created an attractive collection called Canopy Chandelier in which he added a stylish modern touch to the classic Antler Chandeliers so he is presenting a very interesting collection. Inspired by the trees’ branches, the designer presented in this collection many contemporary designs using leaves and spring shapes in an original way that creates an amazing atmosphere and matches very well with the modern style. Those chandeliers aren’t called Canopy for nothing; they are designed to create a great shadow on the ground once you hang the chandelier under a light bulb, this shadow adds a charm to the place and reminds us of the classic canopy. The chandelier’s core branch has a size of 120cm with 4 different sizes of attachable branches. Presented in a beautiful red color with metal with white or black furniture, it really looks amazing. The canopy chandelier is very attractive, fashionable and up-to-date.

canopy chandelier 1canopy chandelier 2canopy chandelier 3canopy chandelier 4canopy chandelier 5canopy chandelier 6canopy chandelier 7

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