Contemporary Cubist Inspired Cheng Residence In Utah, by Rob E McQuay Architects

Contemporary Cubist Inspired Cheng Residence In Utah By Rob E Mc Quay Architects 1


Laden with Asian tones throughout the layout, the style is set for this Rob E McQuay project. The Cheng Residence sits atop a former lava field in the deserts of St George Utah. With a keen eye for details, and a flair for sharp brilliant angles, this design team continues to knock the ball right out of the park with this one.

The play on the hard and soft that Rob E McQuay Architects are known for continues in this design with their geometric-shaped roof put up against the curvature of its adjoining side. The natural landscape of the Utah environ comes into focus with the stone patios, and jutting rock formation. The sand hues of the desert are right at home as the choice for the exterior.


Challenging descents make for an eventful design in this contemporary habitat, and as a solution, the architects have created an interior walkway overlooking the lava remains. Picking up the lighter shades in the rock configurations, the team has opted for sand colored stucco.


Wraparound floor-to-ceiling windows bring the outside landscape into the home while neutral colors act as the classical base for the bursts of chartreuse, purple and fuchsia. The contemporary styled furniture goes well with the modish wood slat ceiling, and stone flooring.


An avant-garde rectilinear theme takes place at the stairwell heading up to the second level. Instead of the traditional railings, Asian-inspired African black wood toned vertical logs echo the exposures and wall painting in the space.


Long hallways with exposed beams provide a modern western feel, while pops of color stream from the canvas oil paintings on the wall. This colonnade is the selfsame walkway seen from the exterior expanding over the lava peaks.


When utilizing a neutral palette, it is imperative that the designer takes an opportunity to inject sporadic blasts throughout the space. The choice to use Caribbean highlight colors is well received.


An oversized island bar with polished countertop space mimics the recessed ceiling pattern. The open layout of the kitchen leaves a lot of room for entertaining guests as does the multiple wall ovens, extended stove, and under counter wine humidor. A trio of lighting fixtures acts as the co-stars to the skylight feature.


A beautifully paved entry way is magnificently garnished by a lively landscape. Through the honey hued wood framed glass threshold, visitors can peer clearly to the other side of the property.


With Zen appeal, the master bath boasts a sunken spa tub with flagstone center wall. The materials, patterns and textures make for a voguish interior of a private space, along with the addition of an exterior cement barrier.


The double vanity behind the flagstone centerpiece is cleverly hewn in charmingly patterned hardwood veneers. The hanging floating mirrors maintain the geometric trend found all around the home.


Communal areas are always a treat especially when there is an indoor bar with club seating placed adjacent to the living space. Gently recessed, the host or hostess appears approachable when serving from the bar area.



The desert sky mimics the coloring of the in-ground pool, as the sun goes down. Recessed lighting casts its reflection across the oasis-shaped design.


An aerial view of the property shows the clandestine nature of the location, as well as the contemporary cubist shapes the architects were able to achieve.

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