Contemporary Chic Bathroom Sanitaries and Washbasins

Chic Bathroom Sanitaries

Shui is a new collection of countertop washbasins designed by Paolo D’Arrigo and presented by Ceramic Cielo. The main characteristics of this collection are: the futuristic designs, the architectural lines, the clean cut and the original forms. It is also characterized by a little variety of colors; it is available in only 3 colors: white, black & dark grey. The collection consists of 3 on top washbasins and 3 suspended washbasins; they are available in either rectangular or square forms, with rounded corners for a sense of a soft, elegant and original design. Washbasins are available in 3 different styles: suspended, back to wall or monoblock. There are also some freestanding ones that are flexible to be placed in the centre of the bathroom whether on pedestal or semi pedestal. The collection includes also 2 washbasins-consoles in sharp lines and contemporary designs. All washbasin models presented in the Shui collection look unique and original with a sign of a luxurious atmosphere.

contemporary easy chic bathroom sanity ware 1contemporary easy chic bathroom sanity ware 2contemporary easy chic bathroom sanity ware 3contemporary easy chic bathroom sanity ware 4

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