Contemporary Backyard with Asian Themes on Drake Street, Melbourne by COS Design


The multi award-winning Drake Street project in Melbourne, Australia was brought to us courtesy of COS Design and Aloha Pools. This team’s attention to detail and architectural flow sets the scene for a delightful backyard get-together. As always, the marriage of Asiatic themes and contemporary angles yields stunning design.

The fusion of hard and soft materials and patterns produces high-quality al fresco courtyards for guests to enjoy. The ebony cracked stone effect behind the cement planter lends charm to the space, echoing the rock garden that forms the bed of the meticulously groomed saplings.



A trio of spigots enhances the crisp, refreshing design esthetic while organic wood, coastal Thai plants, and stone-filled planters unite the landscape with its natural surroundings. Clear waters that reflect the sky’s colors from dawn’s pink to evening’s indigo complete the inviting natural theme.




Thoughtful planning assures ample space for entertaining. A simply styled modern patio table and chairs promise comfort in this peaceful setting, where Australia’s pleasant year-round weather makes a fire pit unnecessary.






The front yard introduces the Asiatic resort palette that COS Design created with sparse foliage and desert-like fauna set in a rock garden. The hardwood paneling on the walkway hints at pleasures to be found elsewhere inside and outside this home, where neutral tones create a calming effect.

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