Contemporary Baby Room Decorating Ideas

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Who said the baby room must be classic? Babies also deserve a modern look in their room. Clean furniture lines and contemporary decorative accessories with trendy & modern colors will create an attractive baby nursery that agrees with a modern lifestyle. For a soothing yet original nursery, choose a very light “cloud” theme. For that, choose furniture which includes the curves of stylish clouds for a very gentle spirit. Pretty turquoise combined with white will be an excellent choice of colors. For a modern look, opt for furniture in contemporary lines, with colorful squares (blue, green and dark blue) that set the tone of the room. For walls, attach a dark blackboard on which you can write the name of your child by example. If you want a stylish yet very childish baby room, go for a very festive spirit! To do this, choose white furniture and play with colorful items like toys, wall accessories and a toy box full of colorful stuffed animals. You can also make the baby room decorated just like the rest of your interior by choosing a modern ambience & trendy colors like grey & taupe for example. White furniture in simple lines decorated with dark handles will help you to create a very contemporary look. Curtains & linen in grey & taupe colors will be also nicely added.

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