Conforama New Kitchen Designs for 2012

From Conforama 2012 Kitchen Collection, we picked you some of the most interesting designs to inspire you. Conforama 2012 kitchen designs are all following the trend of contemporary lines with very practical ideas and charming details to meet every housewife needs. Check out this selection of elegant yet practical kitchen designs from Conforama 2012 collection. The Anvers kitchen is an example of a modern kitchen, not just in the form but also in the colors and materials; this kitchen plays on the contemporary kitchen designs by offering bright colors that soften the sleek design. The effect of angled facades adds an elegant touch to the whole.

In the Bruges kitchen design, you will particularly like the retro look of furniture with glass cabinets that allow glimpsing the beautiful dishes. And to modernize the line, the color gray is a small effect that adds a touch of charm. The Club kitchen is very modern and dynamic; this kitchen offers a sleek design in shades of gray. In terms of functionality, it offers many very linear worktops that add to the purity of its lines a more practical side. Elite Rubis kitchen is a design that is always fashionable; red kitchens never fail to delight the cooking area with their dynamic tones. And this model offers a stylish, contemporary look that accentuates the effect of the color red with materials such as steel or glass. The lines are geometric to focus on the modernity of the design. The Kiev kitchen in light or dark oak revives the wood and puts it in a trendy look with gray shades and a very decorative effect of materials.

Las Vegas kitchen is a very functional & multi-material model; this very trendy kitchen makes the cooking area in the heart of the house with a good sized dining area for a familial dinner in a friendly atmosphere. Since not everyone is lucky enough to have a large kitchen, you can also find at Conforama clever and compact kitchens like the Liege kitchen model that allows you to enjoy all the comfort of a large kitchen in a minimum of space. For a very trendy & contemporary kitchen design, you may choose the Soho Anthracite model that combines black lacquered furniture and stainless steel details; glossy black color adds elegance to the entire look. If you are looking for a kitchen in trendy colors, bet on gray and blend it with bright colors. For example, the Tampa Gris Platine kitchen design offers a graphical and original effect with its gray tones combined with a green background and its high cupboards that add more innovation and vitality to the kitchen look.

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