Colorful Rugs from IKEA

A beautiful rug is very essential in any bedroom or living room to complete its decorative side, and make it cozy. Rugs are also very important because you don’t want to step on the ground with your bare feet. IKEA presents an amazing collection of Colorful Rugs for bedrooms and living rooms; different styles, designs, sizes, and patterns are available for everyone to see what’s most suitable for their room. If you love high pile rugs like many people do, you will find various high pile rugs which give you a chic and modern style, and also give your feet a very soft feeling. High pile rugs are widely spread in all homes nowadays; they have a style that really appeals to many people. The shag look gives a soft and modern style to the room, and the idea is different from regular rugs. All high pile rugs offered by IKEA come in plain colors with no patterns, which make them easily added to any room without problems. IKEA’s high pile rugs come in colors like beige, grey, black, natural, and more colors that can be suitable for all rooms. These rugs have their piles made of polypropylene, while the backing is made of synthetic latex which makes them very comfortable and of high quality.

IKEA high pile rugs 3

IKEA high pile rugs 2

IKEA high pile rugs 1

IKEA high pile rugs 4

IKEA high pile rugs 5

IKEA high pile rugs 6

IKEA high pile rugs 7

IKEA high pile rugs 8

IKEA high pile rugs 9

IKEA high pile rugs 11

IKEA high pile rugs 10

IKEA high pile rugs 12

IKEA high pile rugs 13

Another very soft style of rugs that will look great in any room is the low pile rugs. Low pile rugs are very comforting and smooth, but don’t have the shag rug which high pile rugs have. Concerning low pile rugs, IKEA presents plain as well as patterned rugs. So if you have a plain room with plain walls and bedding, you can definitely go for a printed rug to add a colorful look to the room. Whereas if you have a crowded room already, then a plain rug will balance the overall look and make the flooring soft. The backing of IKEA’s low pile rugs is made of synthetic latex, while the pile can be made of wool or polypropylene. All materials ensure high quality rugs.

IKEA rug low pile 15

IKEA low pile rugs

IKEA rug low pile 01

IKEA rug low pile 03

IKEA rug low pile 04

IKEA rug low pile 05

IKEA rug low pile 06

IKEA rug low pile 08

IKEA rug low pile 10

IKEA rug low pile 11

IKEA rug low pile 17

IKEA rug low pile 18

IKEA rug low pile 19

IKEA rug low pile 20

IKEA rug low pile 22

IKEA rug low pile 24

IKEA rug low pile 25

IKEA rug low pile 27

IKEA rug low pile 29

IKEA rug low pile 30

If you don’t like that pile style of rugs, whether high or low, then a flatwoven rug is your best choice. IKEA presents a wide array of flatwoven rugs that come in various colors and prints and will definitely make your room cheerful, and you will also find others that are plain to balance crowded rooms. IKEA’s flatwoven rugs can be made of cotton, polypropylene, or wool. You can see different prints like floral, stripes, and others.

IKEA rug flatwoven 01

IKEA rug flatwoven 02

IKEA rug flatwoven 03

IKEA rug flatwoven 04

IKEA rug flatwoven 05

IKEA rug flatwoven 06

IKEA rug flatwoven 07

IKEA rug flatwoven 08

IKEA rug flatwoven 09

IKEA rug flatwoven 10

IKEA rug flatwoven 11

IKEA rug flatwoven 12

IKEA rug flatwoven 13

IKEA rug flatwoven 14

IKEA rug flatwoven 15

IKEA rug flatwoven 16

IKEA rug flatwoven 17

IKEA rug flatwoven 18

IKEA rug flatwoven 19

IKEA rug flatwoven 20

IKEA rug flatwoven 21

IKEA rug flatwoven 22

IKEA rug flatwoven 23

IKEA rug flatwoven 25

IKEA rug flatwoven 26

IKEA also presents some other types of rugs, like sheepskin, faux sheepskin rugs, cowboy style rugs, and also rug underlays. Just check them out.

IKEA sheepskins cowhide rugs 1

IKEA sheepskins cowhide rugs 2

IKEA sheepskins cowhide rugs 3

IKEA sheepskins cowhide rugs 5

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