Colorful Modern Apartment in Kremnica, Slovakia by Neopolis

Colorful Modern Apartment in Kremnica Slovakia by Neopolis 2


Neopolis Interior Design Studio has done it again with their contemporary nod to Scandinavian and Southeast Asian design. An electrifying 2 bedroom/1 bath apartment in Kremnica marries spatial optimization with the kind of brilliant verve that can only be found in vibrant hues like cantaloupe, carnelian, citrus, cyclamen, mustard, and yellow-green (before you get scared, Neopolis makes it work adding grounded textiles and neutrals to tie it all together). With 5 years under their fashionable belt, the interior designers at Neopolis have been able to create the type of signature style that will keep them relevant for years to come.

The key to setting the tone for a living space is the entryway. When a designer can nail the foyer, he/she will certainly be able to nail anything. Consider for a moment the concept of the first impression: the comprehension of an initial encounter. When a guest enters the dwelling, the first aspect seen determines mindset, and this receiving area hints at a refreshing experience with well placed nooks for comfort clasps and shelving. Side Note: According to Brigitte Mars, the color cantaloupe orange has been known to lift spirits and loosen repression.




With faux stone wallpaper and a purple (cyclamen) shag carpet, all guests are urged to have as much fun as humanly possible when making their way to this urban common room. Noting the walnut wood plank flooring, wooden radiator grate, mock masonry accent wall, live white butterfly plant, modern ceiling fixture, and a tribal sculpture affirming the firm’s connection with historical Slovakia; we can appreciate the gentle mix of structure and playfulness that adds to the contemporary appeal of the home. In addition, watching the wall art opposite our stone wall, we could get the impression that the designers are providing the owners with an abstract tribute to the two diamond vaults located in the city.




Some would argue that the gallery is the heart of the home, because of the love put into every meal that comes out of its embrace and I am inclined to believe them. When breathing in the earnestness of the mustard yellow walls anchored by the dark walnut finish then lightened by the cream hues below, we can see ourselves seated next to the triple casement windows looking out at luscious greenery while awaiting a sumptuous offering: Blahoželám (congratulations in Slovak) to the designers for enlarging an eating space by giving it a booming personality equal to the rest of the abode.




The energizing citrus tree providing garnish for this home office space gives a conspicuous notion as to the name of the wall coloring in this room and gets me to applaud the choice, once again. Working from home can be a taxing proposition, and the compulsion for non-caffeine stimulant can be overwhelming so the capricious affects brought on by this paint option is well received. Modern furnishings ensure productivity as corner seating allows for breathing space. The black and white photographs extend into the office area from the hallway allowing for total cohesion.





Taking its cue from the colors in the office and adding a touch more of the yellow, the lavatory is exceptionally stylish; what it lacks in dimension it makes up in charisma and functionality. Holding onto the abstract diamonds found in the living room, the character of this bathroom reinforces the design esthetic of Neopolis. The geometric wall design gives the perception of increased size.







At the end of an exhilarating tour, we can be pleased to discover the modest carnelian walls that the bedroom presents. Offering the same casement windows found throughout the apartment, it promises natural lighting without the necessity for window treatments which is a very European concept. The creatively funky light fixtures that are found from beginning to end (in white) as well as the abstract diamonds lend to continuity in the space strengthening its optimistic theme. If I had to sum this place up in one word, it would be…delightful.




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