Colorful Kitchen Worktop Designs

Are you looking for the perfect material for your kitchen worktop? In fact, nothing’s perfect in life, so a worktop material without any disadvantage is something that doesn’t exist. However, you can be objective and compare every material’s advantages & disadvantages and see the best one for you. If you want to learn more about the different kinds of kitchen worktops, follow this post. Corian is one of the most trendy materials used in worktops of contemporary kitchens; it is composed of acrylic resins and mineral powders. The corian is a non-porous material; solid & hard like a rock, highly resistant to impact, heat & stains, besides it is easy to maintain and is available in a huge range of colors. However, it is sensitive to scratches and it is very expensive. Stainless steel is one of the most hygienic materials which make it the most used in professional’s kitchens. It is resistant to rust, heat & humidity and can be maintained using alcohol vinegar. On the other hand, it is very sensible to scratches and its price is very high. The minerality which is a mix of resin and mineral material is very hygienic and resistant to shocks. It does however require a cutting board and a trivet when preparing food to not damage it, very easy to maintain. Its price stays in the higher average. Granit is definitely the heaviest & most resistant material; high resistance to heat & scratches and easy to clean but it is one of the expensive materials. Quartz is one of the materials recently used in kitchen worktops; it is composed of a stone containing natural quartz (about 92%) and acrylic resin to which pigment can be added for decoration. This kind of worktops is very solid and resistant to heat, scratches, stain & shocks and it is also easy to clean. Its disadvantage is its price which is quite high. Slate worktops are elegant yet very fragile; except heat, it is not resistant at all (very sensitive to shocks, stain & scratches), Mostly available in black, green or grey and still very expensive. Marble worktops look chic and available in a big variety of colors but still sensible to stain, shocks & scratches besides not being cheap. Wood worktops don’t have but the pretty look; wood adds a very delicate look and gives a natural & charming ambience. On the other hand, it is hard to clean & maintain and requires regular treatment with special oils, in addition; it is very sensible to heat, scratches & stain. This kind is also very expensive. Glass worktops are very beautiful, natural & hygienic yet very sensible to shocks & scratches besides being hard to maintain. Glass worktops are not too expensive, their price is more reasonable. If you are looking for a cheap material, then you got to choose between laminate, ceramic or melamine; the three are cheap, easy to maintain and available in a wide range of colors. As for their disadvantages; laminate is very sensible to the heat, melamine can sometimes blister near to the sink with time, and ceramic is less beautiful than other materials and their joints get dirty quickly.

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