Colorful Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen is a place where you should feel comfortable, otherwise you won’t be able to cook & prepare food in a good mood. So, if you are this kind of persons who are passionate about colors, don’t hesitate to add your favorite colors to your kitchen decoration. Here are 10 examples of beautiful kitchen designs where colors play the major role in giving them such a joyful & cheerful atmosphere. Almost all women adore the purple color; it’s a very feminine and attractive one, but they may be afraid to use it in interior decoration. Well, don’t be; this pretty color can really bring to your kitchen a very elegant & nifty look if it is well associated with other tones. We are not talking about changing the kitchen furniture; actually you don’t have to, you can just paint the wall in charming purple to create this colorful spirit in the place; just imagine for example how elegant & pretty would this purple wall look in a kitchen where the cabinets are in glossy black finishes. Purple can also match perfectly with white, oak and gray. Red is another color who has a lot of fans; it really adds a dynamic look and dresses the kitchen with a very stylish atmosphere. Just be careful not to use too much red to avoid a carnival look; choose to dress whether the walls or the cabinets in red while giving the rest of the kitchen a contrasting color like white or black in order to create an amazing total look and to give the kitchen a glamour ambiance. If you prefer a more feminine and softer kitchen atmosphere; go for pink! It is surely the most feminine & subtle color especially if you add just few touches of it in very tender & light tones; associated with white decoration, rose shades will bring to the kitchen not just a delicate look but also an adorable feminine ambiance.

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