Colorful Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

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If you want to add some fantasy to your kitchen and give it a pop look, you just need a touch of color. No need to change furniture, it’s quite enough to choose a colorful backsplash to totally renew the kitchen’s look. Here are some examples for attractive kitchens decorated with backsplashes in daring colors. The mosaic effect is a popular wall decorating idea that creates a dynamic & fascinating look. A backsplash dressed in mosaic of pretty pastel colors in shades of white, yellow, pink and lilac will sure brighten the kitchen. Dare to use a bold color for your kitchen backsplash; the lacquered turquoise can refresh & cool the room where we cook hot meals, away from the winter blues. To revive a backsplash in a little sad color, the solution is to opt for a colorful plank. See how a single red line is sufficient to boost a dark gray kitchen backsplash. Those are the small details that make the big differences. If your kitchen cabinets are made of wood, here is a trendy color for the credenza that will marry very well with your furniture: purple. The result is original & so pretty, with a touch of exoticism. Purple is a rich color that almost all women love it plus it’s so fashionable in décor but you had perhaps never thought of it for the kitchen… why not! If you prefer to decorate your kitchen’s backsplash with a more sober color; cherry red is an excellent choice. It’s very elegant & nifty yet less flashy.

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