Colorful Design Ideas for Small Balconies, Roofs & Yards

In summer, people can’t handle the hot weather and long for their balconies or roofs to have some fresh air and enjoy a splendid view. Since you will find that most of the time spent in your house in summer is in your yard, balcony, or roof, then you must make it comfortable, colorful, and decorative to help you enjoy. You don’t have to own a big balcony to enjoy staying in it, even a small place is convenient to enjoy staying in it. Place a small table and some chairs, add an umbrella and some plants and that’s it, you’ve got a pleasing place to stay and be comfortable. If the space is not quite small, then go for a medium sized table and six chairs, for example, and make it like a dining set so that you can enjoy having your meals in the fresh air for a change. If you are a person who loves colors, then go for colored chairs and tables, summer just loves colors. For example, a table set including a pink table and orange & green chairs, or another one including a pink small, low table and pink and green chairs, these table sets are very cheerful and unique, and give that lovely ambiance in the summer besides being really decorative.

A lawn tent is a marvelous idea that is perfect for yards to make you enjoy the atmosphere without getting annoyed with the strong light that the sun directs to you. Another great idea is putting a chaise lounge in pop color like purple beside a purple small table; this set is perfect to enjoy the sun light while feeling totally comfortable. Plants are very essential in any balcony or yard; they complete the amazing look and complement it greatly. Adding various plant pots that can come in various sizes while using plants in different colors really gives a lovely healthy look to the place, and if your yard is surrounded by trees then you are lucky, and you can still add some other plants to surround the table and chairs. One of the amazing ideas that you can also go for is putting a stove in your yard or roof so that you can prepare your food and enjoy it outside. If the space of your roof allows, add two sofas and a table so that you and your family or friends can enjoy having tea outdoors.

Small Yard Balcony Roof 01

Small Yard Balcony Roof 02

Small Yard Balcony Roof 03

Small Yard Balcony Roof 04

Small Yard Balcony Roof 05

Small Yard Balcony Roof 06

Small Yard Balcony Roof 07

Small Yard Balcony Roof 08

Small Yard Balcony Roof 09

Small Yard Balcony Roof 10

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