Coco Rocha With Red Hair!

Coco Rocha New Hair Color 2013 1


Hey you guys! Guess who has recently hopped aboard the red hair trend?! What? Do you need some hints?! Okay, the star we’re talking about is a 24-year-old Canadian fashion model… Knew her?! Yeeees! She is the gorgeous Coco Rocha!! Aha, our dear fans, ‘The Face’ model and host has dyed her medium-length brunette locks a crimson shade. A hot and drastic makeover, isn’t it?! ……………Of course it is! I’m pretty sure that some of you are about to tell me, “Okay, we are big fans of Coco’s newly-dyed red hair, but why has she gone for it?! Yah… Don’t forget to say where she has revealed it.” Hmm… Actually, I don’t have a specific answer to your first question. Yes, ladies, Rocha didn’t say why she’s opted for that hair color, but let’s assume that she is just getting ready for the summer season.


Concerning your second question, you have to know that the stunning model revealed her new tresses at the Shorty Awards 2013. Our precious readers, do you have any other question?! Nope! Okay, great! Oops, did I say it out load? …………..Whatever! Now, tell us: What do you think of Coco’s red hair? Do you like it or not?!


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