Coco Rocha Chops Off Her Long Red Hair into an Edgy Pixie Cut!!

Coco Rocha Chops Off He Long Red Hair 3

Coco-Rocha-Chops-Off-He- Long-Red-Hair_3

I have news for you… How shall I say it? Hmm… Give me a minute, please… Right… Ladies & gentlemen, the stunning Coco Rocha has updated her hair lookbook for the second time this year… Sorry? With what? A new color? Nooo… Gulp… She’s cut it. Short? Yes, Precious Reader, it’s short! Coco has traded her long red locks, which were more than fabulous, for a sharp & edgy, short…. gasp… very short… pixie cut. To be more specific, I can tell you that the Canadian model is rocking a Tilda Swinton-inspired pixie these days. What a transformation!

Coco-Rocha-Chops-Off-He- Long-Red-Hair_2

Rocha told Allure magazine—which was invited for a behind-the-scenes look at her makeover—that she studied famous past & present pixie haircuts before she settled on this style. She also told them that she decided to go short six months ago because her hair had just stopped growing, but her work kept her from doing it.

Coco-Rocha-Chops-Off-He- Long-Red-Hair_1

On August 12, Ms. Rocha posted video on her Instagram account of stylist Anh Co Tran cutting her hair, along with a series of photos of the new look. The other man behind the new look is her husband, James Conran, who took the lead and chopped off the first few inches. What courage! Really, both of them are quite brave, aren’t they? Now, tell us: Is this cut going to be among the most dramatic beauty moments of 2013?

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