Clever Cats and Dogs Protecting Adorable Babies [Video]

Dogs and Cats Protecting Babies

Animals are all about instincts – unless we have loads of spare time we can’t really teach them much more than they already now. Of course how your dog or cat behaves and reacts towards you is very much governed by how you treat your dog or cat. If you treat them badly, they will let you know from time to time they are not happy. However look after them, show them some love, and they will find a thousand ways to reward your kindness. Animals also have a protective nature, especially towards their young, and cats and dogs are smart enough to know that ‘baby humans’ are also very vulnerable and need protecting. Isn’t it just so wonderful and touching that these animals care about us enough to want to adopt that protective role when we are not around. Many cats and dogs don’t leave their offspring’s side for weeks after the birth, so it must be a strange concept for them to see us humans walking off and leaving our babies ‘unprotected’.

We have a great selection of clips for you to see where cats and dogs are more than happy just to lie beside our babies and keep them safe. While many of you might have expected dogs to be very good at this, we were not surprised to see that cats were equally at home on ‘guard duty’. Yes, cats may have a reputation for being aloof and distant at times, but these video clips just go to show that there are more sides to a cat’s nature than you might have expected. And what makes these clips all so special? Well each and every one of us have probably fallen victim to a stray cat or dog paw in the past that has left its mark somewhere. But look closely here and you will see that all these animals are in ‘delicate’ mode and there is no chance of any accidental harm coming to any of these babies.
Descrip: Animal instincts at their best as these cute cats and dogs perform ‘guard duty’ over baby. It’s so touching how animals repay us for the love we give them.

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