Clever 3D Notebook Art from a 15-Year-Old Artist

3 D Notebook Art 5


There are people who are artistic and those who are not. Some people can draw, others can’t draw for toffee. However we are all used to drawing and art being a two-dimensional representation of an image, something flat, something that lacks true body. However occasionally someone comes along who breaks the mold, an artist who challenges your perceptions and misconceptions. Someone so skilful they have you question yourself seriously as to what you are actually looking at. This is very much the case with João A. Carvalho, also known as J Desenhos, a remarkably talented artist who is only 15 years old. His work has hit the headlines recently and we couldn’t resist the opportunity of sharing some of his best work with you. We hope you will share these images with your friends too just to freak them out just a little!


Most of João’s work is available on a Facebook page, Nas Linhas do Cadero, which he shares with other similarly talented artists. One or two of these images are particularly hard to get your head around as it is almost impossible to believe they are not actually three-dimensional objects. However only once you understand that each and every line on the page is drawn personally, does the penny begin to drop. Then when you begin to add the remarkably clever and intuitive shading to accentuate the curves of the ‘straight’ lines does the whole picture, and illusion, present itself more clearly. Three-dimensional drawing is becoming a very popular art form these days, and it would seem that the best place to start is by drawing a drop of water – a simple object which allows you to understand the importance of correct shading. We suspect it was a long time ago since João may have drawn something so simple though.













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