Classic Bathroom Furniture With Antique Look

Classic Bathroom Furniture

If you are a fan of the classic furniture style, you would love this RAB bathroom furniture collection by PSCBATH. The collection offers many bathroom furniture classic designs that could give your bathroom the elegant & aesthetic look of an old palace. But the classic style doesn’t necessarily mean the non functionality. RAB collection provides a practical use of the space since its furniture offers a large space for storage through its wide cabinets. It also includes some wide medicine cabinets in the same elegant look. This high-end bathroom furniture is available in whether a wood grain finish which contains 19 available colors including natural oak, dyed oak & cherry, and could be with or without leather stitched front panels, or leather finish which is available in 5 colors including 3 alligator skin colors. The sinks integral glass vanity tops are available in 19 colors. With this elegant bathroom decoration you can enjoy the luxury feeling of the ancient time palaces without dispensing the practical side.

aesthetic classic bathroom furniture 1

aesthetic classic bathroom furniture 2

aesthetic classic bathroom furniture 3

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