Ciara New Haircut at Tate Americas Foundation Artists Dinner 2013

Ciara New Haircut 2013 1


Stylishevers! Do you still remember what Julianne Hough did to her bob haircut back in April? Huh? Exactly! She chopped a couple of inches -or maybe more- off it. Okay, let me tell you that another star has recently done approximately the same thing. Who is she?! She is … sheeeee is … Alright! I’m going to name her. She is the stunning Ciara..

Yep, ladies! The “Goodies” singer Ciara has totally ditched her shoulder length bobbed locks- which many of us (including me) were big fans of. A shocking makeover, yet a smart one, isn’t it? Why smart?! Hmm….. It is simply because such a stunning makeover gets our beloved celeb to be quite ready for the upcoming summer season of 2013. Got it? Great!


Anyway, you need to know that Ciara has unveiled her new hairdo at the Tate Americas Foundation Artists Dinner in New York on May 8, and later on the same day she posted a few pictures of her new haircut on her Instagram account. What?! Where can you see those pics? Precious readers, what a ridiculous question! You can see them here, I mean just scroll down and take a look at them; then tell us in your comments: Do you think Ciara’s short haircut is hot or not?!!


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