Ciara New Haircut 2012

Ciara New Haircut 2012

Ciara, you’re so, so smart! I think that there are some of you who are about to tell me, “Lady, we know that she is, but why are you saying so?!” Women, be patient and allow me to explain! At the same time that so-many female celebs are trying to cope with the fall/ winter 2012/ 2013 hair trends by sporting short haircuts, our beloved multi-talented star has done the same thing but in a different way. Did you understand anything? Nope? Me Neither! Just kidding! What I want to say is that the “Goodies” singer has coped with the latest trends as she debuts a shoulder length haircut instead of a pixie cut or other short cuts. What a nice and unexpected surprise, isn’t it? Definitely, it is! The gorgeous singer and songwriter revealed this new hair change while attending the Billboard’s Women in Music Luncheon, 2012. Let me tell you that she truly caught all the eyes with her spectacular and sexy medium ombre wavy locks. I guess that reaching this far means that we’re absolutely done. Just don’t forget to do a couple of things. The first thing is to tell us: What do you think of this new ‘do? While the second one is to enjoy your whole lives, our precious readers.




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