Ciara Hairstyles

Ciara Hairstyles

How hasn’t been taken by the sweet voice of Ciara??!… In fact, many of us has already been taken by her sweet and soft voice beside the way she looks like.. Ciara always tends to wear the most fabulous and stunning dresses, outfits and hairstyles too. Okay, I think I’ll concentrate more on her hairstyles, as many women ,especially the African-American women, have considered Ciara a role model since her appearance. Even Ciara has worn and still wearing many fabulous, unique and stunning hairstyles, she seems to be one of those Stars who don’t change their haircuts a lot!… Yeah, don’t say I’m wrong!!. Ciara has only seen with a short haircut for a couple of years or something and then she has kept on her long , in sometimes it’s gone very long, haircut. Concerning the hair color, Ciara’s hair has been either black, brown or blonde with the different shades.. Okay, is there something left to talk about?. Yeah, of course there’s Ciara’s hairstyles!. Despite keeping on the same haircut and hair color for long time, Ciara has worn many great, unique and stunning hairstyles. Her hairstyles have combined many forms of hairstyles; the traditional African-American hairstyles, the casual hairstyles and the formal and elegant hairstyles.. I think you’re curious to know about those hairstyles, aren’t you?!.. Okay, let’s shut that curiosity by making a sneak peak look on her hairstyles… When Ciara has a short haircut, she wears those pixie-cut hairstyles and the one-length short bob hairstyles… She had worn those hairstyles on the straight, the curly or the soft wavy style.. On the other hand, since she has grown her hair longer, Ciara’s hairstyles have been updated since and while between those three forms of hairstyles I mentioned above.. I mean with the long haircut, you may have seen Ciara with any of the following traditional African-American hairstyles like; the Cornrows braids hairstyles, the Dreadlocks braids hairstyles and the tight Curly hairstyles. For those formal and casual hairstyles, Ciara has managed herself to wear the same hairstyle but in the two different ways.. For example, Ciara has worn the different styles of the ponytails whether those classic and formal ponytails or those casual and modern ponytails hairstyles.. Beside those ponytails hairstyles, Ciara has of course worn many other hairstyles like; the loose straight hairstyles, the loose curly hairstyles, the loose wavy hairstyles, the long bob hairstyles, the Up-dos hairstyles and the layered hairstyles.. There are other two things about Ciara’s hairstyles that I can’t leave without mentioning them. Okay, I’ll tell them in a hurry!!.. The first thing is that Ciara is a wig player!!, yeah when she wants to make a hairstyles, sometimes she goes for the easy solution and wears a wig instead of styling her hair… The second and the last thing is Ciara is a big and great bangs player, she always tends to wear the different styles of the bangs; the blunt, the asymmetrical or the layered bangs.. Whether Ciara has worn natural hairstyles or the Wigs, none can deny that she has that unpredictable stunning and glamorous look which can force you to imitate it without even knowing!!!!!…  I think you’ve done that while we were talking, so enjoy Ciara’s look!!!

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