Ciara Hairstyles 2012

Hot or not? is that what I want you to tell me after both reading today’s topic and seeing the attached pictures. I guess that it may seem a weird and untraditional request for some of you, right? But i know that there’re some others who are definitely ready to tell me their opinions. Despite having different point of views, you all are going to agree on asking the same question which is; ‘what is the topic today?!’. My precious readers, take a look at the title and you’re going to know that today’s topic is all about how the famous singer and actress Ciara has worn her hair in 2012. A great choice, isn’t it?! Definitely, it’s! I can sense that many of you are curious to know what sort of hairstyles she has worn this year, right? So let’s not waste too much time and get directly in the core of our topic. Excuse me, ladies! I’m not going to start right now as i remembered some important things to tell you. Don’t worry, I’d say them in hurry! First of all, you have to know that since the start of the year, Cici has been seen wearing a long or super long hair which has looked so sexy. Secondly, her hair has gone from being black-to-brown ombre to brown-to-blonde ombre to blonde with dark roots. Let me tell you that recently it has had the latter color but the area of the dark roots has shrunk! Anyways, as you can see that it seems that the superstar has been fascinated with the blonde hair color this year which is indeed a great and smart choice. Thirdly and lastly, you have to know that she has worn few, but glamorous hairdos this year.

Now, let’s truly start the real work! Letting her super long hair flowing down on her shoulders and back is what Ciara has done most of the times. Or let me say it in another way, she has been mostly seen wearing the down dos! Was there a need to clarify what flowing hair means? I don’t think so, but I said it! Anyways, the famous singer has worn the straight, loose curly and soft wavy down do hairstyles and all of them have given her gorgeous, attractive and eye catching look. Let me tell you that the combination of the long and blonde can definitely make you say many other words as; stunning, glamorous, fabulous, etc. Oops, I forgot to tell you that the sexy superstar has accented one of her flowing hairstyles with a fishtail braid which has made her look more fabulous and sexier. Besides the down dos, she has been seen wearing a low ponytail which has had so casual, stylish and soft look. Also, she has been seen sporting a half up half down hairdo which has had awesome and eye catching look. Can you tell me how many hairstyles we’ve mentioned till now? Huh, let’s count them together! We’ve mentioned three, right? The half up half down, ponytail and flowing hairdos! I don’t want to shock you, but these are all we’ve. I told you that they are few but glamorous! Since there’s nothing more left for me to say, allow me to tell you goodbyes! Just don’t forget to take a look at the attached pictures below and tell me is she looking hot or not?!

Ciara Hairstyles 2012 01

Ciara Hairstyles 2012 02

Ciara Hairstyles 2012 03

Ciara Hairstyles 2012 04

Ciara Hairstyles 2012 05

Ciara Hairstyles 2012 06

Ciara Hairstyles 2012 07

Ciara Hairstyles 2012 08

Ciara Hairstyles 2012 09

Ciara Hairstyles 2012 10

Ciara Hairstyles 2012 11

Ciara Hairstyles 2012 12

Ciara Hairstyles 2012 13

Ciara Hairstyles 2012 14

Ciara Hairstyles 2012 15

Ciara Hairstyles 2012 16

Ciara Hairstyles 2012 17

Ciara Hairstyles 2012 18

Ciara Hairstyles 2012 19

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