Christina Milian New Hair Color 2013

Christina Milian New Hair Color 2013 1

Christina-Milian- New-Hair-Color- 2013_1

Christina Milian?! Oh no, this isn’t her at all! Wait, wait, this is certainly her! I’m pretty sure that a lot of you are so curious to know why I couldn’t recognize the gorgeous star at the first glance, aren’t you?! If so, let me tell you the reason! Simply I couldn’t recognize the “When You Look at Me” singer because of… because of ….! Nope, my dear readers, the cat didn’t eat my tongue!! But what I’m about to say is very shocking, so get ready for the surprise! I couldn’t recognize Milian because of her newly debuted red hair color.

Yes, ladies, Christina has followed the footsteps of Shania Twain, Ariel Winter and the other stars, and updated her 2013’s hair lookbook with a fiery hue. Well, to be more specific, I have to say that this hue is magenta! Shocking, isn’t it? Of course it is! Who could predict that she wasgoing to trade her dark brunette locks for purple-ish red ones? None, I guess!

Christina-Milian- New-Hair-Color- 2013_2

Anyway, you need to know that Milian has showed off her new hair on her Twitter account, on May 19, posting its picture with the below caption!

Time to have a little fun this summer.. Thanks @mahrokhsaberi for the fun hair-color athon #magenta #feelingsexy #superbad.

Later, she was spotted with those eye catching long fiery locks while going out on a date with her boyfriend Jas Prince in L.A. That’s it, Stylishevers, we’re done! So tell us: What do you think of Christina Milian’s new shade?! Do you think it’s hot or not?!!

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