Christina Hendricks New Haircut 2013

Christina Hendricks New Haircut 2013 2


Stylishevers, drop what you are doing and gather here right away!! Why?!! Because I want to tell you all the details behind the new hair makeover recently worn by the sexy star Christina Hendricks. Yep, she has followed the footsteps of Scarlett Johansson, Minka Kelly, Julianne Hough, Sarah Hyland and some other celebs, and updated her 2013’s lookbook. Is that right! How?! Okay, let me answer this question through asking: Have you ever thought that the “Mad Men” actress would ditch her signature red hair color?! Of course not or at least that’s what many of us (of course including me) hope.


What does that mean?! Oh! Hold your horses ladies, this means that Christina didn’t go for any new dye at all; instead, she went for a new haircut! Yes, she chopped off her long layered locks and traded them for medium length bobbed ones. What a drastic makeover, isn’t it?!! Definitely it is! The “Ginger & Rosa” star showed off her makeover at the premiere of the “Mad Men” season 6 at DGA Theater, on March 20. Now, our precious readers you can make up your minds: Do you love or loathe Hendricks’ bob haircut?!

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