Christina Aguilera Rainbow Hair Color for 2012

Yup, sunshines, Christina has done it again! I can imagine that some of you are saying to themselves; “What? How? I mean; why did she say “again”?!” Okay, it seems that you’re not good followers of our magazine, ladies. Or maybe, you’re new comers! Whoever you are, I’m going to answer your question. Simply and briefly, the “The Voice” judge has revealed a new hair color earlier this year specifically in August. By the way, if you want to know more details about it, all you have to do is surf our website and read the topic named Christina Aguilera New Hair Color 2012. But let me tell you that this color has become from the past and that she’s debuted a newer one recently. That’s why I said “again” at the start!

I know that the most dominating questions that come across your minds at this moment are; “Which color has Aguilera debuted this time?” and “How did we know about it?” So let’s answer them. Concerning the first question, you need to know that the “Beautiful” singer has opted for wearing a multicolored dip dyed hair. To be more specific with you, I have to tell you that it’s still blond, but with purple and pink dip dyed ends! Colorful, isn’t it?! Few days ago, the star and her boyfriend Matthew Rutler were leaving Spago restaurant in Beverly Hills after celebrating the release of the music video of her new released single “Your Body”. So what?! That was the answer of the second question! Yeah, that’s how we knew about her newer hair color.

Is there anything left for us to say? Let’s revise what we said before answering that question. Okay, we’ve talked about both of the hair colors that X-tina has debuted till now and how we knew about the recent one. I think that we’ve told you everything we know. That means that there’s nothing left for us to say except telling you goodbyes and wishing you, our dear readers, an amazing, fabulous look every day in your life…

Christina Aguileras Purple Hair for 2012 2

Christina Aguileras Purple Hair for 2012 3

Christina Aguileras Purple Hair for 2012 4

Christina Aguileras Purple Hair for 2012 1

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