Christina Aguilera New Hair Color 2012

Really?! What?! How?! I know that’s a weird beginning, but what should I say when I’m shocked?! I guess that many of you are going to feel the same way after reading that topic. Anyways, let me ask you a question which is; “Do you remember when I said that 2012 can be considered as the year of the stars’ drastic hair changes, yet whole style transformations?” You do? Then, I have to tell you that I was totally right. And my evidence is what the stunning singer Christina Aguilera has done to her hair. And let’s not forget about what Miley Cyrus has also done to her hair besides many others. Whatever! Can you guess what she’s done to it?! Has she cut or dyed it? Huh, tell me! Yeah, my precious readers, as you can get from the topic’s title, she’s gone for having a new hair color. I’m pretty sure that some of you may think that she’s got rid of her signature platinum blonde hair, right? No, no, she hasn’t done that at all. Instead, she’s opted for spicing it up with highlights, specifically purple and fuchsia ones.

Like I said at the start, some of you are going to feel the same way like me, shocked, shocked and wondering why! On the contrary, there would be others who would fall in love with that color and may go further than that and copycat it! In either case, I have to admit that Christina has looked stunning, gorgeous and sexy from head to toe, you know like usual. Yet another thing that you, I, and all of us can’t deny is that this purple highlighted hair of Aguilera is going to be a true add to her 2012’s lookbook, right? Honestly, I don’t find more words to say right now other than what I’ve said. That means that we’re going to tell each other goodbyes, but before that I have to ask you a couple of questions which are important at least from my point of view. The first question is; “Did the ”Voice” star really follow Miley Cyrus’s lead concerning the hair transformations like the rumors said?” The second one is; “Do you think that Aguilera would opt for another drastic and shocking hair transformation in the near future such as a new color or a shorter cut?!” That’s what I’m going to conclude our topic with. Don’t forget that we’re waiting for your feedback besides the answers of the couple of questions asked…

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