Chloe Resort 2014 Collection is Exotic and Terrific

The Chloe 2014 Resort Collection is Exotically Terrific 08


To be unique and to have a signature style is the dream of every serious fashionista in the world. The Chloe 2014 Resort Collection shows an understanding of these needs with great experimental fashion that sets the bar for other designers. While some pieces in the collection are obviously an acquired taste, several of the looks are great for incorporating into your everyday wear. The most unique and trendy styles that fashionistas will love to wear are the chic sweatpants outfits. I hear the red carpet calling for individuality and this look is perfect for it. Stripes are in season and the multi-directional striped skirt with the tied belt is a masterpiece of fashion. The collection offers a variety of ways for you to look stunning in stripes.


The knitted looks of the collection are extraordinary and classic, but the real stars of the collection are in the terrific office wear. Talk about avoiding another boring day at the office, this collection will spice things up perfectly. With brilliantly designed oversized looks and intricate details, your outfit will be the buzz of the day and rightfully so. Lastly, the stand out look of the entire collection is the black and white, 3-D flowered skirt. The entire outfit is an illusion that is clever and enticing to look at. You will definitely turn heads wherever you go in this outfit. If you are looking for a truly unique and one of a kind look for 2014, the Chloe Resort Collection is a perfect place to start.




















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Written by Kia McClain

Kia McClain at Expedia CruiseShip Centers: Kia McClain is an avid lover of fashion and style; she started her fashion-writing career as a ghostwriter and stylist. Kia is also a successful entertainer and syndicated, freelance writer at Yahoo! As a poet and spoken word artist (Fierce), she became a top ten artist on popular music sites. This exposure led to her becoming a radio personality at 99.3 the Joynt, where she had a show with World Famous DJ DX, close friend to Nicki Minaj. Nicki often created drops for the show and stopped by the station as an indie artist. Kia also met celebrity photographer, KJ Anderson, who started an entertainment company with her, She served as co-CEO of the company for over two years. Kia has worked with world-renowned celebrities such as Jeff Timmons of the multi-platinum boy band, 98 Degrees and more with her own marketing company,

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