Chic Minimalist Bathroom Collection by TOTO

When it comes to your bathroom, you need to make it comfortable, decorative, and practical. If you are not a fan of much detail and just love the minimalist style, yet want to have a really chic bathroom, then this new bathroom collection presented by TOTO will certainly impress you. TOTO’s bathroom collection made sure that you are supplied with all the necessary sets while avoiding being crowded, as everything comes in the minimalist style, which makes the overall ambiance very modern, practical, and chic. These designs are more suitable for relatively large bathrooms because the designs depend on having some spaces that reflect a spacious and relaxing environment. These bathrooms come in only two colors, black and white, which also reflect the minimalist design and aid it. A large bathtub stands in the middle of the bathroom having a sharp rectangular design, and it is inserted in a rectangular modern set that includes a bench, and shelves to store stuff like towels, a magazine, or a bottle. Since this bathtub has an elevation, a step is also available to make reaching the bathtub easier. This bathtub is really relaxing, and the atmosphere around it aids in feeling the relief that you seek for.

Modern sink vanities are also used in such a decorative way where they consist of drawers and shelves to store your stuff, and rectangular mirrors are placed above them against the wall. In the black bathroom, the vanity is wide enough to welcome the presence of a beautiful vase of plants beside the sink which adds a very decorative and romantic touch to the bathroom. The sets include toilets, and shower cabinets that are made of glass enclosures and wall mount shower faucets. Shelves mounted against the wall look very luxurious and allow more storage in a neat way. These bathrooms also come with a chair or a bench to resemble the style of suites and spas. Parquet flooring is used to complement the chic minimalist look; it is used in two tones, the light beige one for the white bathroom, and the darker grey one for the black bathroom. Another amazing thing that catches the eyes in these bathrooms is the lighting, you can see perfect LED lighting that really completes the whole atmosphere and makes everything perfect. A plant can be added in any corner of the bathroom to give a decorative touch.

Chic Minimalist Bathroom Collection by TOTO 1

Chic Minimalist Bathroom Collection by TOTO 2

Chic Minimalist Bathroom Collection by TOTO 3

Chic Minimalist Bathroom Collection by TOTO 4

Chic Minimalist Bathroom Collection by TOTO 5

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