Chic Dining Room Set by Altamoda Home

The Italian company Altamoda is always presenting awesome furniture collections, its furniture is usually distinguishable and you can’t see it elsewhere, this is what makes Altamoda furniture very unique. This dining room set can be considered as a precious piece of art; modern but elegant, fashionable but prestigious. What a perfect combination! The set consists of a very chic red lacquered table with magnificent white upholstered chairs and an elegant white lacquered sideboard having the same design of the table and chairs with beautiful flower shape handles. This sideboard is also available in a wonderful purple color with silver legs and handles. There are also some single elements presented such as a smaller sideboard in a square shape with four drawers having four different colors, it’s a very original piece. Also some single chairs in different bright colors such as strong red, purple, orange and green. As accessories, the collection includes statues of a horse’s head with lacquered finishes in different bright colors. Altamoda Furniture is made of the best wood and textile quality. The table and sideboard are decorated by Swarovski crystals. This set can add to your dining room a very luxurious atmosphere without giving up on the modern, stylish and original look.

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