Chic Bathroom Vanities

Your bathroom vanity is one of the spots that catch the eyes whenever anyone enters your bathroom, thus if you want to achieve a fancy bathroom that amazes everyone, then you should choose a chic bathroom vanity to complete the perfect look. This post shows you a wonderful collection of bathroom vanities that come in different ideas to choose what suits your style and bathroom colors. If you love minimalism and prefer having a black and white or grey bathroom, for example, then you can have a black vanity that is very simple and is just composed of two drawers with sharp edges; this vanity is totally chic and bold. While if you like to add a different vanity, you can go for new designs available that are simple but chic. For a truly colorful bathroom, choose printed wallpaper like floral wallpaper, and add your bathroom vanity in a color matching with the colors of the wallpaper; this idea makes the bathroom vivid and cheerful.

Having a chic vanity never means that you have to buy something really expensive or complicated; having an original wooden bathroom vanity that looks like an antique wooden table with a marble sink on it, for example, is enough to give a chic style to your bathroom. The designs presented here combine modern and classic designs to choose what goes with your bathroom’s style. Sinks complement the beauty of your vanity and can totally make it look fancier, if the right sink is added. Don’t forget about mirrors, they are extremely important in bathrooms especially in the area of the vanity, you can choose between various sizes and designs, and you can add chic frames to your mirror, as well. For more details, visit 14 Vanity Designs to Class up Your Bathroom Style.

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