Chic and Cheerful Vento Residence by B.Pila Design Studio

Chic and Cheerful Vento Residence by B.Pila Design Studio 01


South Beach style meets traditional structure with this happy design from B. Pila Design Studio; from outside to inside, this Vento residence is filled with the upbeat vitality and easy hospitality of the region. Lush tropical vegetation in the front yard provides shelter from the bright Florida sun. The grass installations along the driveway work well with the sub-tropical Latin esthetic. The warm appeal of the outer yard extends a warm invitation to come in, bask in your surroundings, and sip some sangria with the family.


The front foyer and hall embrace the guest in the mixed earthy hues of the natural wood floors complemented by a lighter-toned plush area rug and luxuriantly hand-carved console that displays well-chosen art. Decorative discs with simple curvilinear interior carving compensate for the intricate details of the table and the straight lines of the plank flooring, accent rug, console, and wall art frame; the bowl and print echo the shape of the decorative discs, providing continuity of design. Utilizing earthy neutrals, the design team enforces harmony in the passageway between spaces while maintaining character with a beautiful double door entry that uses frosted glass highlights to diffuse exterior light without completely inhibiting it.



The neutral palette extends into the communal eating and lounge area enlivened by shards of strategically placed cool blue. Expansive circular lighting fixtures and a round glass tabletop continue the round-square balance established in the foyer, while granite table and bar tops versus upholstered barstools and lounge chairs contribute a hard-soft balance to match the plush-plank tension of the foyer. The modern wicker chairs at the table add whimsy. Although the kitchen is defined by complementary flooring, the proximity of the adjacent lounge invites eating there, as does the practical use of granite to surface the coffee table. The granite not only improves the functionality of that piece, its color anchors the warmth of the space against the lightness of seating, walls, and upholstery.


The generous loft admits natural light from sidelights arising at one end of the space and from the top half of a two-story window below. Its massive-appearing furniture gives the illusion of grand space, while exposed wood beams in the same mahogany as the piano and barrel chairs control any sense of crowding. The continuity of the woods also continues the home’s theme of balance, as does the hanging tract light echoing the structure of the staircase banister. The steel banister and shape of the club chairs is a reminder of the home’s modern attitude, while the rug and tabletop, plus the curve of the piano and chairs, complete the round-square opposition against the fireplace, sofa, and keyboard. Keeping these tensions in balance is what makes this space so relaxing.


In the guest room, the round-square suspense is held at bay only in the door covering, creating a palpable energy. Deep-hued grass mat walls outlined by boards mimic the geometric shapes that began outside and are restated in this furniture and carpet, softened here only by the textures present in the room. A sliding door with sophisticated latticework opens to the outside and functions as a beacon of natural lighting; reflecting off the warm reds, cool blues, and calm citrus tones, the brilliance of the sun’s rays will rejuvenate a fatigued visitor.


An ample children’s bedroom area is charming in its color palette with bursts of pink, olive, orange, and yellow against the stark white walls and deep brown floors. The paper lanterns disguising ceiling lights and the giant daisies that checker the carpet (tiles from the FLOR line by Interface), along with the swinging chairs, lend an air of playfulness to a space that is simultaneously super-efficient thanks to plenty of built-in storage around platform beds.


The other side of the enormous room features a seating area and second level loft where children’s fantasies can play out. The legless sofa and accompanying ottomans make the seating more accessible to kids and more versatile: older kids can sit or stretch out to do homework, read books, or just hang out; younger ones can climb, jump, stack up, or sprawl. Treating the inner dividing wall in a calming yellow tone delivers the look of an accent wall rather than the load bearing structure it is. The sophisticated hard-soft balances and round-square tensions in this space have been instilled with juvenile colors, shapes, and proportions, creating a child-friendly energy that is not over stimulating.


The children’s adjoining bathroom is extremely elegant, with a touch of whimsy lent by the teardrop lighting fixtures. Exquisite white marble flooring with gray veining weighs down the whiteness of the room while a cream-colored accent wall gives the illusion of more dimension in the area as does the expansive rectilinear mirror along the backsplash of the tub. A circular vanity and oval sink fixture adds a subtle hint of softness to the room.

Exposed beams in the master bedroom are picked up by the hardwood floor and wooden headboard. The earthy neutral tones from the rest of the house are brought into this space, continuing the comforting mood of the residence. Bedside ottomans and a chaise lounge provide ample seating, and bare tract lighting illuminates the room. The separating line around the wall breaks up the monotony of whiteness, preserving the cozy appeal of the room.



The master bathroom is contemporary in design, and restates the home’s geometrical theme. Magnificent stone flooring beneath lacquered and frosted glass hanging cabinets with granite counter tops is reflected against glass stalls to bring in an organic tone. Countertop basins and cool hues emphasize the upscale ambience.



The exterior of the home is a showstopper, with flagstone steps, infinity edged pool, spiral staircase to the second level, and Romanesque facade. The resort influence is strong in the backyard of the home, and continues the relaxing theme that began at the front yard. Pops of coral in the patio furnishings, reflected in the brighter hues of the paving stones, are exhilarating. Granite as the backsplash for the retaining waterfall demonstrates the value of diversity in a design’s colors, materials, and textures.

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