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“I can be edgy and rocking; I can be elegant and stunning… Briefly, I can be whatever she wants me to be.” What? No, no, no, my dear ladies, I’m not describing myself at all. I was just imagining what Cher Lloyd’s hair would say, if it were a human being!! An imaginary and sort of crazy introduction, isn’t it?! Definitely it is, but you know that this intro leads to one thing, which is ……..? Exactly, it leads to a presentation of the hairstyles worn by the British singer since her beginnings till now. So, what are we waiting for?! Let’s begin the action, my precious readers!!

Before doing so, I have to mention a couple of important things concerning Lloyd’s hair. The first thing is that it has been seen in different lengths: short, medium, long and super long. While the second one is that it has experienced various colors: black, red, ombre, pink dip-dye, brunette and blue. Umm, I guess that we can start right now. The star has sported almost all styles of down dos starting from the straight and curly to the wavy and messy ones since she rose to fame.

You need to know that the “Swagger Jagger” singer has worn other hairdos besides the flowing locks. Such as what?! Actually, why don’t you answer this question? Yup, smart readers, the former X Factor UK star has worn ponytails and braids…..But what about updos? Do you think she’s opted for an updo of any style during her career life?! Of course, Cher has done so! Most of the time, she’s been seen wearing either a top knot or a messy updo and both of them have had super stylish and eye catching looks.

Let’s not forget to mention the curly Mohawk updos worn by our beloved singer during a period of her life. I, myself, consider them among the most rocking and fashionable hairdos worn by her. Beauties, what would you do to your long hair, if you wanted to turn the world upside down with its wild look?! Huh?! What? I know that some of you may say, “I’d simply cut it!” while others may say, “I’d rock a half shaven long hair!” Let me tell you that Cher has done both. Yes, ladies, she’s debuted a half shaven long hairdo for a while and she’s also cut her hair.

Can you guess what sorts of hairstyles Lloyd has opted for when she decided to ditch her long locks?! My precious readers, the answer is so easy! The English celeb has gone for a bobbed haircut. By the way, you should know that she’s sported different lengths of bob cuts: short, medium and shoulder length, and all of them were more than stylish and stunning… Now, I can say that we’re done. So goodbye, our dear fans, and see you later… Just don’t forget to take into your consideration your hair type and face shape, if you decide to pull off any of the last mentioned hairdos…

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