Cher Lloyd Ditches Her Blue Hair Color and Goes Back to Brunette!!

Cher Lloyd New Brunette Hair Color for 2013 2


Dear Cher, welcome to the dark side—again! Cher who? We’re talking to British singer Cher Lloyd, Precious Reader. And yes, this simple (and obviously virtual) welcome-back party means that she’s definitely done it. Ahhh… Done what, you ask? Oh… OK, let me be clear. The former X Factor star has ditched her vibrant blue locks for brunette. A nice surprise, isn’t it?

I do hear some of you asking, “Had she gone for a blue do in 2013?” If you’re seriously asking me that, my advice is to search our magazine for an earlier topic on Cher Lloyd New Hair Color 2013. Then see what it says. Anyway, let’s forget about any previous makeover and concentrate on this new one. We have enjoyed the “Want U Back” singer’s dark tresses since a few days ago while she was visiting “U&A” at Music Channel for a live chat. That’s it, Stylisheves, we’re done here. You’re free to go just as soon as you tell us whether you miss Lloyd’s blue locks.


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