Charlize Theron New Buzz Cut 2012 for Mad Max 4

Have you seen what our beloved sexy and elegant star Charlize Theron has recently done with her hair?! I know that some of you would say ” How naive is she?! Of course, Theron has sported another glam hairdo like the ones worn by her since the beginning of 2012!”. My dear woman, would you be tremendously shocked if I told you that glamorous Charlize has worn the buzz haircut?! Yup, the buzz cut! I think that after you read the last sentence, you’re about to do one of three things. The first one is to say “No, it’s a rumor!” While the second is to say ” Okay, I believe it, maybe she’s suffering from some sort of depression, or just trying to break the routine! ”. The third thing is to sit frozen with an open mouth because of the shock! Just joking! Charlize Theron’s new hairstyle is neither a rumor, a way to break the routine, nor to heal herself from depression! In fact, she has traded her sparkling and charming, yet feminine long blonde hair strands for that bold and sort of masculine cut because of her role in a new movie called ” Mad Max: Fury Road ”, you know, it’s that movie which she was about to start shooting three years ago.

I can imagine that some of you would say ” What?, So, she did it again! ” Yeah, she definitely did! For those who don’t remember Theron had also buzzed her hair before because of a role in a movie, specifically ” The astronaut’s wife ” movie. Even though, the only difference between the old and new buzz cut of her hair is that we don’t specifically know how short the new one is. Don’t be shocked! All we have got are some pictures of her holding her little boy and sporting a hat on the head. Despite that, I can guess that it is going to be so short as that has been obvious from the sides and back of her head, which have been the only parts exposed. I think there’s nothing to do more than to be patient and wait for newer, clearer photos of her. Then we can see, and judge how short her buzz is! While you’re doing so, waiting I mean, let me go dig for newer hairstyles worn by other celebrities. Thus, I have to tell you ” goodbyes and enjoy!! ”.

Charlize Theron New Hairstyle 2012 1

Charlize Theron New Hairstyle 2012 2

Charlize Theron New Hairstyle 2012 3

Charlize Theron New Hairstyle 2012 4

Charlize Theron New Hairstyle 2012 5

Charlize Theron New Hairstyle 2012 6

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