Channing Tatum Goes Blonde!!

Channing Tatum Goes Blonde 01


The Sexiest Man Alive—according to People magazine—Channing Tatum definitely doesn’t look like himself these days. Why? Because… Because of his newly dyed short blond tresses, bleached goatee, and…ahem…excuse me… and… pointy ears. Yes, you heard me, Precious Reader, pointy ears. But chill, don’t worry about it. The pointy ears are prosthetic, so we can set their story aside for the moment and concentrate on the more drastic makeover.

EXCLUSIVE: Channing Tatum on set of 'Jupiter Ascending'

The 33-year-old actor has bleached his signature brunette hair, goatee, and eyebrows (yep, even his eyebrows) blond for his role in the new sci-fi film Jupiter Ascending, written, produced, and directed by The Wachowskis Brothers. Channing was spotted on the set of the movie in Chicago on July 31 sporting his newly bleached AND spiky hair.
Stylisheves, what do you think of Blond Tatum? Hot or Not? Tell us in the comments.


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