Chanel Powder Makeup Review

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The powder can be the topping of the cake if you use the right one for you, as a high quality good powder can give you the professional finish & an elegant natural look with a flawless skin. You can have delicious skin in any time of the day whether you are going to work or going out on a date. You’ll have the new Highlighting Powder & blush that’s part of the limited-edition Knightsbridge Collection which gives your every part of your face the shimmering glow & radiant features, this powder can be used as a blusher to add color & give you a vivid skin tone. As for an enhanced skin tone with a healthier looking finish, Chanel gives you; the Natural Finish Loose Powder “comes in four shades”, the Natural Finish Pressed Powder “comes in five shades” & the Soft Pressed Powder “comes in two shades”.

Chanel Powder Makeup 1

Chanel Powder Makeup 2

Chanel Powder Makeup 3

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