Chanel Les Twin-Sets Makeup Collection

Chanel Les Twin Sets Makeup Collection

Chanel gives you the chance to express fashion in a different way with its Les Twin makeup sets, which will give you a sharp & intense drama by focusing on the power duo in every woman, her lips & nails; so that you would hypnotize them with your gentle hands & make them melt with your lips. So, imagine matching your lips & nails in bold exceptional colors that have been picked for you by Chanel.

For your lips, you’ll get to enjoy the magic of Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet – La Delicate; the luminous matte lip color that gives you an intense deep shade of Beige with a vibrant matte finish with a rich, non-drying finish. Rouge Allure Velvet in La Delicate shade has Chanel Le Vernis – Delicatesse as a twin that will give you a shiny, long lasting finish, so you’ll have your nails covered in this intense shade of beige all night.

Your vibrant personality will also have two other colors to highlight your night, like; Chanel Le Vernis – Provocation, which speaks rich & deep with stylish nails that are colored in this deep purple shade that Chanel chose for its deep purple colored Rouge Allure Velvet as its twin. Experience the last twin from the three duos which is Chanel Le Vernis – Infidele that has an energetic feminine pink color, which will show everyone your wild side without any effort & its twin is also in the vibrant, intense pink color from Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet.

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