Chanel Fall/ Winter 2012/ 2013 Skirt Collection

Chanel Fall Winter 2012 2013 Skirts Collection

Chanel designed a new line of skirts for the woman who loves to get into a sexy skirt every now & then. So, Chanel designed a collection that’s edgy & bold and will take wearing skirts into a new level. Chanel skirt collection for fall/ winter 2012/ 2013 gives you sheer & heavy skirts that are made of different fabrics – in shades like dark grey, light gray, yellow, purple or black – such as tweed which is a good example of heavy fabrics and is also good for keeping your body warm during cold weather. Chanel used different types of tweed, as you’ll see wool tweed & cotton tweed, in addition to the pure tweed fabric, or lace which is light & sheer and can be worn over pants like how Chanel assembled these skirts with tight pants.

Chanel fall/ winter 2012/ 2013 Skirt collection includes a straight wool tweed skirt with jeweled buttons that come in different colors like purple & yellow mustard; tweed skirts in an A-line cut & Boy Chanel trim in dark winter colors like grey & black; A-line lace skirts that come with glitter embroidery in different lengths & patterns like gold or pink stripes, purple wavy lines, black intersecting lines & grey scattered petals; and you’ll also see tight straight Lame skirts in shimmery grey & gold shades. You’ll see in the collection that some of the skirts are matched with jackets to give you skirt suits, or individual skirts that you can match with any clothing item you want, and you’ll also see that some of the skirts are worn in a way that makes them seem as dresses.














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