Chanel Dramatic Allure Look Review

Chanel did it again, they brought you an eye makeup look that’s irresistible & glamorous in every way, as it’s all about the Drama you’ll create with your eyes. You’ll be sexy, chic & alluring in every way with Chanel’s Dramatic Allure Look, which will make your eyes pop & sparkle with a hypnotizing effect that will charm them all. Chanel wants you to have dramatic evenings in the easiest, most achievable way, so they got you a step by step explaining on what to do & how to do it, & for that look you’ll need the Chanel’s Ultra Correction Lift total eye lift moisturizer “that’s full of collagen & elastin for healthier looking eyes” for preparing your eyes, then you’ll follow by Chanel’s brilliant concealer ÉCLAT LUMIÈRE highlighter face pen that comes in 5 tones to help you have the right shade that goes with your skin tone, so you’d be able to brighten your eyes.

After applying the basic Chanel products that will enhance your eye radiance, you’ll need to start applying the intense colors that will give you the Dramatic Allure Look, & for that you’ll need to define & dramatize with Chanel’s Quadra eye shadow Les 4 Ombres in Mystic Eyes shade, then you’ll follow by adding some deeper definition & emphasizing the look with Chanel’s long lasting eyeliner Stylo Yeux Waterproof in Espresso shade, after that you’ll need to give your lashes extra drama by applying Chanel’s mascara multi-dimensionnel sophistique Inimitable Intense in Noir shade.

Now that you have your eyes set & ready to tear hearts, all you need to do to make your look more focused on, is to groom it by simply taking care of your eyebrows & making them frame your eyes in a well structured look, & to create that you’ll use Chanel’s Sculpting eyebrow pencil Crayon Sourcils that comes in 4 shades to match all types of hair colors, so you’d look as natural as you want. Chanel wants you to always look your best in every occasion, & give you the tips & tricks on how to use every item in the right way, while giving you the latest in fashion & keeping you fresh & glamorous.

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