Chanel Bridal Jewelry 2013: The Collection

Chanel Bridal Jewelry 2013 The Collection 3


Who does not know about the house, Chanel?! Anyone who is anyone knows that Chanel’s exquisite tastes have been shaping the world of haute couture. A lot of adoring patrons on the streets of grand Paris are waiting in line at their flagship boutique to prove it, despite the fact that we are not talking about fashions, we are talking about jewelry. More specifically, we are being swept away by Chanel’s 2013 Bridal Jewelry: The Collection. Yes, ma’am!!


Let us start the conversation with a tribute to the shooting stars, or the stars in our eyes (whichever saying works for you), and discuss the brilliant Comète ring, with its channel set diamonds and round center stone. There is no wonder why the 18K white gold is holding on so tight to this Bella Luce. When a man slides a ring like this on his bride’s finger, he is truly promising her the universe and all what is left for her to receive are the moon and the sun because they will certainly come.

The following rings are all a part of the 1932 ring collection. Why? I would have to assume that these rings are giving a nod to Hollywood’s Golden Age by providing us with a level of sophistication that has long been forgotten.


Eternity bands are a “can’t miss” in terms of pledging forever to the love of our life. Whether we favor mirrored finish or crave velvet, it is at our fingertips when we select these platinum bands.


The “bar ring” effect on this modern designed geometric ring opens our eyes to the world of labradorescence. Available in 18K white, pink and yellow gold, the high polished finish makes us want them all, and then we are introduced to their cosmopolitan globetrotting cousins with the same colors bedecked in diamonds. Just imagine if they were available in chocolate gold…scrumptious.


Geometric jewelry is the perfect thing for discerning tastes. Circles, rectangles and squares lend well to the diamond station eternity band.


“The Circles of Love” is what these fantastic rings, as well as the other jewelry of this style are known for. Decadent melee diamonds swirl around a fancy cut center stone with the most sublime color our eyes have ever seen, and it is all set in 18K white gold.


While we realize that this is a part of the 1932 collection, we cannot help but notice that these rings resemble the flower ribbons that are usually set atop some extraordinary gift box. A beautifully centered round cut diamond is set on a bed of brilliantly cut precious gemstones. We are certain that Chanel knew how phenomenal these rings would be, so they sated our thirsts with the traditional size and style.



Like the “flower ribbon” ring, these pieces remind me of an abstract rose bloom. The contemporary design remains close to the classic styling we have come to love, while providing us with some POP! Is it possible to fall simultaneously in love with a ring and a groom?! These melee diamonds with the oval center stone are sure to put that question to the test.


What we really want to ask Chanel is, “Can you wrap all of these rings up with a bow, so I can take them to go?!” Maybe they hear us, because this little cutie is just loveliness with a bow on top. Round center stone, two rows of channel set diamonds set in 18K white gold for the little girl in us all.



The Ultra ring is a testament to durability with its option to have white or black inlaid ceramic in the center of the band. We can opt for a beautiful solitaire, or leave the ring pure, but either way they are made to stand the test of time.





Chanel calls these the Camèlia Rings in honor of the Camellia flower which is the symbol of the State of Alabama in the United States, but we are going to name them a well-deserved bouquet of spring flowers for the bride on her day. The ingenuity that goes into designs of this caliber is mesmerizing. The bride has her choice of outline blooms, mid-bloom, and full on blossoming camellias that endorse her groom’s statement of love.

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