Chanel Blush Makeup Review

Chanel Blush Makeup

Makeup is an art & drawing your face to show your features & draw them to pop requires the right tools such as the right colors & texture in order to have a soft & silky feel which gives a sense of glamour in having Chanel’s blush as they are designed in unique ways that gives them a stylish candy-like look. The collection gives you a Limited Edition Gold Powder Blush in addition to Chanel’s famous Powder Blush that comes in various shades to suit your mood & desire, you’ll also have the Highlighting Powder & Blush, the Glowing Blush Harmony that’s designed in a mixture of horizontal shades of rose, coral & peach. You’ll also find the Blush Duo Tweed Effect that’s inspired by the CHANEL tweed fabric & it comes in four shimmering shades. To complete your look or theme you will always need the right shade of blush to match with your makeup, it’s perfect for making your skin glow in any tone while you’re off to business or to an evening occasion.

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