Celebrity Transformations 2013: Rebecca Romijn Debuts a BOB Cut!!

Celebrity Transformations 2013 Rebecca Romijn Debuts a BOB Cut 01


Rebecca Romijn has joined the growing list of celebrities who made the biggest move ever in 2013 and ditched their long tresses for a short ‘do.. What? Rebecca has chopped off her hair, too!! Ahem.. Yes precious readers, the former model has truly done such a thing.. She’s ditched her long hair — which many of us were in love with– for a below-the-chin length, sleek bob cut which looks so NSC (Neat, Stylish & Chic!)..


The 41-year-old actress debuted her new bobbed locks at the second annual Baby2Baby Gala in Culver City, Calif. on Nov. 9.. And I want to tell you that she literally rocked this event’s red carpet with her head-to-toe sexy look.. Anyway, the biggest question to be asked right now is: What do you think of Romijn’s new short hairstyle? Tell us in the comments below, Stylisheves!

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