Celebrity Hairstyles for Women

When it comes to talk about the celebrity hairstyles for women, really I can’t find the right words to describe them. The celebrity hairstyles are the same as any thing done by a celebrity, always catch your eyes. You feel that when a celebrity wore any hairstyle, that hairstyle is shinning like a star but not in the sky, in her hair!!!. Me, you and any other woman are looking at any celebrity and say “I wish I was you, wearing that great hairstyles”, “I wish those hairstyles suit me like you”,…etc. You know we say a lot of words, some are lovely wishes while others are *** wishes!!. Any way, any woman wants to get those celebrity hairstyles, but unfortunately not all of us can have our personal hairstylist like those celebrities. But this problem has been solved in the recent days, any woman can try the celebrity hairstyles using the “virtual hairstyle maker”, it becomes the personal hairstylist of any woman. Let’s leave that none sense talk and start talking about some of the celebrities who made and still make shock and move in the fashion and beauty world. Some of those celebrities like to change their haircuts while others like to keep their haircuts for long time and just change their styles. Anyway, both have given many variable hairstyles which may be glamorous & great or bad & freaky!!.

One of the most active celebrity in the fashion and beauty world is Rihanna. Since her appearance on the celebrity community, Rihanna’s hair has passed many stages with many looks and haircuts. Once, Rihanna had the long haircut and she had worn a lot of different hairstyles with that long hair like; the braided hairstyles, the curly hairstyles, the wavy hairstyles and the buns. She had worn each one of those hairstyles with all their different forms. Another time, Rihanna’s hair becomes medium or even short. Concerning the short haircuts, Rihanna’s short hairstyles become a trend of its own in the 2012’s year. Besides the different haircuts, Rihanna’s hair had been colored by many different colors: black, brown or red. You and any hair professional can’t expect what will be the next look of Rihanna’s hair?!!!. Next comes, Kim Kardashian who is very well-known by here black hair. She never changes the color of here hair, it’s black and is getting even blacker. She had before the short haircut but recently she is keeping here hair long. She usually wears different hairstyles for here black long hair like; the braids, the buns, the bob hairstyles, the up dos hairstyles, the wavy hairstyles, the straight hairstyles and the curly hairstyles. She tries as possible to vary the looks of hair. SO, when it comes to long black hair, you must mention Kim as she is the newest icon of that type of hair.

Another celebrity to talk about her hairstyles is Victoria Beckahm. Victoria, is considered to be a fashion professional, so she knows exactly what she wears. Before, Victoria had that long hair and took the blonde look then the brown look. But recently, she is keeping her hair between medium and short haircuts. She had made a lot of hairstyles using those two haircuts which had became after that very trendy hairstyles. She usually picks the bob hairstyles, the up-dos hairstyles, the bun hairstyles, straight hairstyles, the wavy hairstyles and the loose curly hairstyles. Lastly comes another celebrity ” Jenifer Aniston”. Back in the eighties when Jenifer first showed up, she had a medium haircut. Then, she has kept here hair longer till our recent day. She is changing here hair color using the different blonde shades. Most of times, she wear the loose straight hairstyles with braids or up-do hairstyles, but she also wears the loose curly hairstyle, the wavy hairstyles or even the buns. Since Jenifer’s kept that long blonde hair for long time, she’s considered to be one of the references when it comes to the different shade blonde hair. By those four celebrity, I can say that I’ve finished. I know that there are about million other celebrities, but I chose those four because first, I’m one of their fans and second, their hairstyles are variable and very trendy. Finally, I want to to tell every woman; young or old; that nowadays you can’t just look at your female celebrity hairstyle and wish it, you can wear it too. Just don’t try any female celebrity hairstyles without thinking as it may look very glamorous on her and look very bad on you!!..

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