Celebrity Hair Transformations 2013: Giuliana Rancic Chops Off Her Lob Cut!!


Do you remember when Giuliana Rancic got her lob cut? You know, the one she debuted at the 2013 Oscars? Well, you can tell it good-bye! The E!News anchor has traded it in for yet another new style, taking the next steps in her transformation to a more mature mom. The coif that Rancic is rocking nowadays is a medium-length asymmetrical bob. Another bob? Oh yes, yes, the star hasn’t left the “Hot Bob Club.” What a simple yet dramatic makeover!

You also need to know that Giuliana hasn’t just cut off a few more inches of her hair, but she’s darkened it, too. So, her tresses are now both shorter & darker, making her look even hotter! Our beloved TV personality unveiled her smart new darker asymmetrical bob haircut at the at the Baby2Baby warehouse on August 21, 2013, in Los Angeles, California. Stylisheves, take a good look at Giuliana’s new do, and then tell us: Does it look Hot or Not?

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