Celebrity Hair Changes 2013: Ciara Wears A Longer, Dark Hair!

Celebrity Hair Changes 2013 Ciara Wears A Longer Dark Hair 01


A beloved singer has shaken things up a bit. With so many of her peers cutting their hair, this star has abandoned her short blonde bob in favor of a…gasp… much longer, darker do. Yes, Precious Reader, Ciara has replaced the look she adopted in May. Her sexy long hair is back—thanks to extensions, of course. Isn’t that a nice surprise! On August 21, the 27-year-old posted a picture of herself with her new long hair (which is beyond fab and sexy) on her Instagram account, and later the same day, she appeared with long hair on the red carpet at the launch of bebe’s Fall 2013 #be9to5 campaign at Provocateur in New York City.


Why has Ciara gone for this sudden makeover? According to what Cesar Ramirez, the star’s hair stylist, told Us Magazine, the “Promise” singer dyed her blonde strands dark to get ready for the upcoming fall season. OK, sure…and what about the extensions? Oh, now that the bob’s become mainstream, it’s time for a new eye candy look, so back to LONG HAIR! Hold it! Wait a minute, was he talking about Beyonce’s new bob?


Anyway, you tell us, Stylisheves: Which of the hairstyles debuted by Ciara in 2013 do you love the most? The short blonde bob or the long dark extensions?

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