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    12 Most Romantic Travel Destinations for Couples

    Are you searching for the most romantic travel destinations? Look no further. We understand everyone wants their honeymoon to be perfect. You want to spend lovely time with your significant other, and there’s nothing better than planning a fantastic getaway to make it a reality, somewhere you’ll both passionately remember for the rest of your […] More

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    This Travelling Cat and Dog Go Across the World Together, and Their Pictures Are Adorable

    For a cat and a dog to a share  the couch is no longer a big deal, however, this adorable duo is travelling around the world with their mom and owner, Cynthia Bennett and her boyfriend. Cynthia Bennett and her boyfriend are keen hikers, but they realized they needed more company. Back in 2014, they […] More

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    +23 Things That Can Only Happen In Russia

    The world is a scary place. No wonder that every country has its own unique culture and habits. However, Russia sometimes shows how extreme things can get.  Here are things that could only ever happen in Russia. They are people who managed to enjoy life to the fullest despite the harsh circumstances that come with living in such […] More

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    7 Tips On How To Survive A Long Distance Relationship

    1- Don’t listen to everyone telling you it’s not gonna work We all know that the moment you mention you’re in a long distance relationship, everyone around you will start questioning it, telling you how hard it is and how 90% of the time it doesn’t work, but what they don’t know is that every […] More

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    A Flower-Bride 400 Feet Above The Moab Desert

    The American Couple’s Surreal Wedding Photos Will Make Your Heart Melt. The Moab Desert in Utah, USA has witnessed one of the raddest wedding photo-shoots ever. Be it the desert where they first met has given the event a magical, romantic and dreamy glow. The American couple, Ryan Jenks and Kimberly Weglin, has tied the knot and said “I […] More

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    10 Most Beautiful Beaches To Visit This Summer

    There is no doubt that this world is full of beautiful scenery. However, these 10 beaches are breathtakingly wondrous and should be on top of your to-visit-list. After a long winter, you are definitely longing for a warm morning, to be lightly sun-kissed, experience a refreshing air breeze, and a witness a beautiful view. Thus, you […] More

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    Breathtaking Caves 14

    15 Magnificent Caves from Around the World

    Discover the magical and mesmerizing world of gigantic caves. Enjoy superb digital pictures taken from inside 15 of the world’s largest caves of all. More

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    Poseidon Undersea Resort 7

    Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji

    Poseidon’s Mystery Island – the undersea resort of the future offering a wealth of underwater experiences designed for the adventurous. More

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