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    Cute Pets

    20 Adorable Pictures of Cute Pets Chilling on the Beach

    Pets are adorable with their beautiful eyes, wide smiles, and innocent faces. They can melt any heart. This post is for whoever adores cute pets, which means it’s for everyone because I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t. They are adventurous, and fun to be around. They make us laugh no matter what they do whether […] More

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    Dress Up Your Pet Challenge

    38 Imgurians Who Nailed the Dress Up Your Pet Challenge

    Are you proud of your pet? Do you think it’s the cutest thing that has ever lived and you can’t get enough of how cute it is? This post is definitely for you. The Imgur Community has started a lovely challenge “Dress Up Your Pet” and it’s the cutest thing you’ll see today. I don’t […] More

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    dog pictures

    Pregnant Dog Gets A Photoshoot (5 Adorable Pictures)

    We enjoy adorable dog pictures. And we will lose our minds over the pictures of a pregnant dog. A dog lover, Caitie Evers, shares on her Instagram the story of Lily Mae, the pregnant Golden Retriever, and the cute pictures of the maternity photoshoot that she held for her. Caitie is an animal foster carer […] More

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    Stray Cat Brings Her Babies

    Stray Cat Brings Her Babies to the Doorstep of the Woman Who Helped Her

    Kindness is hard to find, but not for a stray cat who knew exactly where to find it. A woman from Canada, Lisianne, woke up one day to find a lovely surprise right at her door: a stray cat with her babies – six little kittens. The stray cat brought her babies to this particular […] More

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    Green Puppy

    Adorable Green Puppy Takes Internet by Storm

    Finally something cute to remember 2020 by, a Green Puppy was born in Italy. This year can’t get any weirder, or can it? 2020 is going to be remembered for the coronavirus, the bushfire crisis in Australia, the year were everyone, or almost everyone, put on masks – and not Halloween masks. Well, it has been […] More

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    Injured Deer Starts Unlikely Friendship With a Kitten

    An Injured Deer Meets a Kitten and the Internet Raves About It The best friendships are the most unlikely ones. And in spite of what people believe about animals, they do have feelings. They are capable of loving unconditionally. We know you’re thinking about your dog. This post is not about dogs. All animals can […] More

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    Dogs in Halloween Costumes

    20 Incredible Photos of Dogs in Halloween Costumes

    Just Because Dogs in Halloween Costumes Look Cute It’s this time of year again: Halloween. And our lovely, furry creatures deserve great costumes. That is why in this post we have incredible photos of dogs in Halloween costumes to give you inspiration in case you don’t know what your dog should be wearing just yet. […] More

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    photos with dogs

    25 Impressive Photos with Dogs UPS Driver Meets on the Way

    We take a lot of things for granted. But, sometimes, you have to look around and enjoy everything you come across. One UPS driver never takes his journey to work for granted. He stops and takes photos with dogs he meets randomly on the way. The UPS driver’s name is Jason Hardesty. What could be […] More

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    This Bright Dog Rides the Bus Alone Every Single Day

    Bright Dog Rides the Bus Alone and Everyone is Fascinated Every dog owner under the sun knows the hassle of having to walk the dog every day. Some dog owners are lazy, and some, unfortunately don’t have the time. Well, think about it, the poor dogs need to go out and have fun, all the […] More

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    The Heartwarming Friendship Between a Blind Dog and a Fellow Canine Will Melt Your Heart

    A Blind Dog Gets Unconditional Love and Support A blind dog is kind and loyal like any other dog but it just needs a lot of love and support. We all know that dogs are the kindest creatures on earth. No one who’s ever seen dogs around their families can have any doubt about that. […] More

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