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    nathalie spehner ME11XuIpUXg unsplash

    People Are Sharing Words Kids Mispronounce and It’s Adorable

    Kids are amazing. They are inspiring and fun. Everything about them is adorable especially their first words. If you listen to kids when they speak, then you’ll know that none of their words sound anything like how words are pronounced, and only their parents can decipher what they mean. Every parent has a whole list […] More

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    16 Funny Illustrations Women Will Relate To

    Women face a lot of challenges every day. One of these challenges is the desire to look like models on magazine covers but the expectation vs. reality is something that women know quite well and have to live with. Life is hard, but sharing what troubles us and making fun of it is what makes […] More

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    29 More Funny Signs from the Dude with Sign

    Apparently, we can’t get enough of Seth Phillips. Yes, that’s the name of the guy who holds funny signs, also known as dude with sign. His signs are funny, sarcastic, and most of the times say what we all want to say. We’ve already shared some of Seth Phillips’ ingenious signs before. The journey began […] More

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    Bucket List Ideas

    10 Popular Bucket List Ideas to Try Before You Die

    According to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, “bucket list” comes from the expression “kick the bucket.” Bucket List means the number of things that a person wants to do before they die. Some people already know what they want and others look up bucket list ideas to see if there is anything that they would like to […] More

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    Christmas Movies for Kids

    14 Great Christmas Movies for Kids the Whole Family Will Enjoy

    Christmas is a fantastic holiday where you get to meet your family, enjoy great food, get gifts for your kids that are supposedly from Santa Claus, threaten your kids if they misbehave with the powerful Santa Claus, and collect the pieces if a kid ever finds out that Santa is not real. The best thing […] More

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    hairstyles for short hair

    18 Adorable and Stylish Hairstyles for Short Hair

    “I just love when girls rock short hair, because they can’t hide behind anything. I feel more empowered with short hair.”  Maren Morris If you have long hair, this post isn’t for you. Here, we have fabulous hairstyles for short hair that are suitable for every personality, style, and face type under the sun. It’s […] More

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    Things That Happened in 2020

    21 Unforgettable Things That Happened in 2020

    We are waiting for 2021 with our fingers crossed. After all, 2020 has been a really long, rough year, and some would argue it’s been also the weirdest. For those who need to be reminded, a virus hit hard, and for the most part of the year, we stayed home. Life was disrupted in unexpected […] More

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    38 Brilliant Illustrations That Every Mom Will Understand

    Being a mom is hard, and some would argue it’s one of the hardest jobs ever and for good reasons. Moms can’t begin to explain how exhausting and demanding their job is. If you’re thinking your full-time job is difficult, think again. Mothers take care of helpless creatures, who are still trying to figure out […] More

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    Hey Buddy Comics

    38 Creative Hey Buddy Comics Dog Lovers Will Relate To

    If you’re a dog lover, Hey Buddy Comics is for you A writer and an artist started Hey Buddy Comics so they can share their passion about dogs using the best of both worlds: writing and drawing to create something that dog owners can easily relate to. We all know that comics come in many […] More

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    20 Sarcastic and Funny Comic Strips from Stephan Pastis

    Stephan Pastis is an American Cartoonist. He is the author of Timmy Failure book series, but he is famous for the creation of the Pearls Before Swine, a funny comic strip which appears in more than 600 newspapers. The comic strip features two friends: a rat and pig. Through them, Stephan Pastis gives his witty […] More

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